Monday, 29 August 2011

Casting New Hands for I Groped the Magnificant Seven

Back of hand
Plaster-filled glove cupped in a bowl of sand, palm up.
What's interesting is that I had no idea how to use the Amaco casting compound. There are no instructions on the box so I went with what I'd been doing with plain Plaster of Paris, I added enough water to create a solution roughly like that of cake batter. The only prob here is that the Amaco appears to have a quicker drying time and started to harden while I was mixing it.

I quickly poured it into a rubber glove, a small-sized glove, making sure that the fingers all got enough plaster in each one. I did not have to seal the end of the glove as the compound was already semi-solid so no danger of it dripping out.

I discovered that when I made the other two hands, they turned out too big and in using a Styrofoam ball to cup the hand, air bubbles formed on the back of the hand. The underside, the side which will not be seen, was perfect but not the top. I had not ensured the gloves were filled properly so there were air bubbles leaving the back of the hand uneven and I did not ensure that there was enough plaster was in each finger and  some of them broke when I cut off the glove. I put talcum powder in the glove this time, hoping to make extraction easier.

Stay tuned for how this works. The plaster will dry overnight and I will release the hand in the morning.