Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Working at Art

Since here in Canada, we lost Monday to a holiday, Labour Day, left-over weekend chores and all of Monday's got diverted to today, Tuesday.

It was quite the marathon day, made all the more intense after half a bowl of steaming soup splashed onto my illuminated keyboard, the one I searched for, nay, coveted for months. I finally found a second-hand one and it's been wonderful. I hope that word, "been", isn't conclusive. Being used to taking keyboards apart, I was able to pry up keys and remove soup and tomato seeds, yes, tomato seeds, and the board was blow-dried and then left outside to further demoisture itself.

Fortunately, as a keyboard artist, there are no end of keyboards in the house/basement/garage and after trying three or four, I found a battered Dell that works.

Much of today's efforts took place in the garage/workshop as the day was perfect for using a heat gun and for sanding. Since most of the paint has been removed from the table and chairs I've been refinishing since the end of July, I was able to use the palm sander today. I did not sand any keyboards but I have used a heat gun with great success. Most of The Marilyn Suite have had some input with a heat gun.

I have five voodoo dolls made and created another this afternoon. I think the Styrofoam head is the correct size, don't you?
 And I laid-out an idea for I Groped the Magnificent Seven. Things will change,  no doubt. This entire installation will have to be mounted on a separate board and those heavy cast horses and riders will have to be affixed securely. The hands should no doubt be screwed in place but the material, Plaster of Paris, won't permit this.

Another challenge.