Sunday, 30 October 2011

All SCULZ are Out in the Community

A red-letter week for the SCULZ as they got put on display in four locations.

Currently, they can be seen in the window at After Stonewall on Bank St. across from where they were at Wilde's for most of last week.

There are six or so at Gypsy&Co. and they will be there for the next couple of days.

And there are four SCULZ highlighted in the front window of La Petite Mort Gallery on Cumberland St. in the Byward Market in Ottawa's downtown. These will remain there for several days and then be held in the archives in case someone might be keen to buy them.

There is a skull and crossbones in the window at Patrick John Mills Gallery and two more going up tomorrow.

And that'll be all of them, what with the one in Kingston, another in Brighton, UK and two being used as props for Halloween.

A perfect thing to do with a SCULZ.