Wednesday, 5 October 2011

SCULZ and Munch

 The SCULZ sure look good in front of Munch's Anxiety. Some of these apparitions are complete and will be dispersed to a variety of locations. Gypsy & Co, for instance, said they'd like some and I thought I'd mount three on a portable plinth and take it to La Petite Mort, leave it and take back a couple of Quirky B's that have been there for several months. I had always meant to rotate the art at that gallery leading up to my One Night Stand in March, but the summer, somehow, escaped, read, I have been remiss.

I think in the time between the current show, I Killed the Group of Seven, and  Patrick John Mills' solo show at his eponymous gallery, there might be a spot for a few SCULZ over Halloween. Maybe in a window overlooking the street.

To the left is our newest little helper, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, aka, Blackie, and above, what the kitchen table looks like in mid-SCULZ creation.