Friday, 28 October 2011

Upcoming Displays

 Fresh from Wilde's today, the Devil SCULZ and friends will be attended La Petite Mort tomorrow morning for a window seat looking out onto Dalhousie Street in Ottawa's Byward Market.

Wilde's friends from across the street, After Stonewall, were so impressed, they asked if there were any SCULZ not spoken for that could grace their front window over the weekend leading up to Halloween.

There were some made, of course, and some in the offing. It meant a hustle this eve to complete more. The Aunt Edna one, top left with the fabulous hair, is finally done, lips and earrings glued in place.

What to do with mouths is still a concern but eyes are getting better.

A red SCULZ became an Indian with headband and feather and, speaking of feathers, there is now a SCULZ encased in feathers. I am still considering the mouth on this one.