Thursday, 12 January 2012

Valentine Cards for Sale: Variety Pack #1

Bit of a business experiment here. A Valentine's cash-cow, as it were.

I'm going to post a variety of Valentine Cards. These are reproductions of the Pop Art Valentine Card display currently at the Patrick John Mills Gallery in Ottawa, Canada. I will discretely sign the back of each card.

There will be eight different cards and you can choose the variety pack, or a combination (for instance, three of one style, three of another and two singles, or any permutation thereof), or all of one type as long as you come up with eight cards in total.

Cards will have a hand-written: To and From on the back and you can write an additional message as there is lots of space.

Cards are 4" x 6", the size of a standard photo.

Eight cards are $25.00 per pack for Canadian orders or $30.00 per pack for anywhere else in the world. Please send Canadian or American dollars. Euros are fine, too. The amount includes postage. Please find me on Facebook and send me an email should you like me to send you some cards.

I plan to have others available within the next few days so please come back and see what comes up. And don't forget to send my blog URL to family and friends who might be
I'd appreciate it!

If you send me your order today and I will include this very original BONUS card: 

Here are the cards that are in the Variety Pack #1. Click on each one to see larger size.

Thank-you very much.
Happy Valentine's Day!