Wednesday, 11 January 2012

I LOVE YOU Vernissage is Feb. 2/12

I've been misleading people that it's on Jan. 19/12. The show indeed is up and running by that date but the actual meet the artists and have a beverage while exploring the two floors of the gallery, that isn't until Thursday, February 2/12, corresponding with the Art Walk which also includes The Cube Gallery and Orange Gallery.

It was a scramble to get everything ready to bring in this afternoon. I did change the flowered sign where I made a mistake in the lyrics to the Beatles' song, Michelle. The last line now reads, "This is what I want you to know." I had it totally wrong. Looks better now that the spacing is improved. 
Shannon Lee Mannion

Patrick John Mills
Art being delivered.

Art was being delivered over the past three days and some was already in place today.

New work by Patrick John Mills was up and Tick Tock Tom's amazing metal sculpture was in the front room. Natural light from the bank of windows looking out onto Hinchey Street illuminate the metal man in a wonderful way.  And there are smaller sculptures on the wall I hadn't seen before. Mathieu Laca had made the trip from Montreal with his art earlier in the week and some is hanging while other canvasses awaited hanging.

Tick Tock Tom
Tick Tock and Patrick John Mills
Mathieu Laca