Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Art is Ready for Tomorrow

 A marathon day of getting art ready to bring to the gallery tomorrow.

Several about-faces. When the show name changed from Love Art Party to I Love You, this changed my focus but it had already resulted in several false starts. All grist....

Not certain where the vintage valentine idea came from. Early morning brainstorm, perhaps. But I believe that it's a good one.
Above are 4" x 6" photos laid on the adhesive side of backing paper. I cut them out using scissors. This gives the photos some weight, provides a writing surface and negates the annoying Kodak name and numbers on the back of each photo.

To the right, is the sign I started weeks ago. I doubt if this will withstand the cold so it might be best positioned in the window. We'll see.(I think I'll fix that, "I think you ought to know." I thought it was just, "I think you know."

Below, left, are framed photos of a selection of cards and to the right, is an 11" x 14" photo that will form the anchor of the show.

Fits in with the Pop Art genre quite well, don't you think?