Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Tims Board Coming Along

 Really coming along. I made my first test poster 20" x 30" today and it turned out not badly. I think the board can be smaller and the lettering has to be italic to match the script on the cups. I think the cards need to be in a different pose. They don't look as if they are standing up...which they are. 

I was asked this eve, after going on about creating the doughnut, why didn't I simply buy a doughnut and use it since I am now going for a photo rather than an installation piece. I think one thing is that I am loathe to use food as decoration and another is, wherefore is art if all one is going to do is pose stuff?

Drying the doughnut on the bathroom radiator.
Board with removal of bagel and
one of the cardboard coffee cups.

What the photo looked like that I enlarged.
A dark photo of it as a framed poster. Non-matte glass makes it difficult to photo with a flash. You get the idea.