Monday, 5 March 2012

Creating an Artist Page on the Gallery Website

Needed photos of some of the boards and since lighting at the gallery is better and Patrick has a good camera, I trucked a  bunch of boards to Hinchey St. this aft. Patrick took these photos. I don't usually use a white background but it seems to work.

(This blog is viewed by many Russians so here's a translation of the above paragraph, written and verbal.)


From here, Patrick is going to create an artist page on the gallery website. My job is to get the boards ready for photographs that I will take so that I can then get large prints made and frames for the next show entitled, Quit Your Job. I thought it was going to be My Kid Could Paint That but this show will be later in the season.

Another thing that is upcoming is the Let's Talk Art evening this coming Thursday. Michele LeCourtois and Tick Tock Tom will be the host artists this month and next month, Adam Davidson and I will talk about career shifts and how we became artists.

Here's the scoop on it:


Let's Talk Art (2nd Thursday of every Month)

March 8th 7- 8 pm (will start at 7 pm sharp)

This Month's Artists: Tick Tock Tom and Michele LeCourtois

Tick Tock Tom will talk about his ART for 20 mins.
Michele LeCourtois will talk about her ART for 20 mins.

5 minute break... tea, cookies, juice.... move legs.

15 mins of questions and answers.

People are welcomed to stay longer, talk, and view the art in the gallery.

This event is free. Everyone is invited.

There will be 25 chairs.

thank you