Monday, 19 March 2012


Whipped up more 12" x 18" prints today. Trying different backgrounds. I like both for the Pink Collar Jungle, right. the white background would look better had a flash been used. Too flat, as is. And I dunno but I like a black background and you'll note below that Getting the Axe looks superb with a black background and frame. Note the wild parallax, as if the dolls are volleying to one another.

Thought I'd try white-on-white as per a suggestion by a professional photographer and it works for Your Brain on Drugs. And then there'll be a white frame around this. There is 1/3 of the board missing from the photo on the left. I only had one white mat and it's meant for a smaller photo.

Axe or Ax. I prefer the word with three letters even though it is probably wrong. Getting the Axe, it seems more Medieval.

If you saw this up close, you'd note axe marks in the surrounding wooden frame. When one starts to go wild, it just doesn't stop at keyboards. Of course, someone else inflicted these wounds since keyboards are the only thing I am defacing at present.

The Woe No Mo' board is my signature piece as an anti-war, social justice peace activist. And this board holds a special place in the Quirky B. pantheon as it is the board that Patrick John Mills saw at his Hintonburg outside show over two years ago and he immediately said, "I want that board a year from now in my WAR show in September."

Impatient, I popped by the January vernissage and asked if I might display some Quirky B's before September and with February's Love Art Show a month away, Patrick asked if I had any art that would be suitable. Of course I did. If the show had been called Measles and Winter Flu, I would have had suitable art. 

Just goes to show that you have to recognize luck and be open to it when it beams your way.