Tuesday, 20 March 2012

For Publication in a New Women's Paper

It is time to pull out all the stops and get the word out that April is going to be a huge month for the Quirky B's.

First, there is the all-new monthly group show, Quit Your Job, and I will have five or six framed prints of keyboards, plus the actual keyboard on display. Then on April 12/12, I will be joining painter, Adam Davidson, and we will speak about our art and answer questions from the audience. Thirty people came to the first Artist Talk last month making it a tremendous success.

On Saturday, April 7/12, Guy Berube and I will be hosting a one-night-stand at his gallery, La Petite Mort, on Cumberland Street in the Market here in Ottawa. I hope to have as many Quirky B's on display as the gallery will hold. This will be a perfect opportunity for friends and art connoisseurs to revel in my contribution to Pop Art of this Millennium.Show starts at 7:00 pm.

Below is a brief biographical note written for inclusion in a new women's publication that was launched last week in Ottawa. I was hoping to be interviewed by Mike Levin of UnFolding but he is taking a break from publishing. One thing I am hoping is to be interviewed by radio host, Mitchell Caplan on his arts, community events and social issues show, Click Here, a Wednesday late-afternoon, 5 to 6 program on Ottawa University's station, CHUO.

Photo by GioVanni
When Shannon Lee parachuted herself into art four years ago, she didn't have to wonder what she was doing. As a former journalist, she uses discarded computer QWERTY keyboards, as her canvass hence the name Quirky B's, Pop Art for this Millennium.

Shannon Lee has essentially, out-Warholled Warhol by marrying form and function with significance and implication, the result of which is, well, quirky.

Ottawa is a government town and we rise and fall from the output of thousands of keyboards every day. Taking a familiar object and modifying it has the power to perturb, sometimes to mystify, always   to delight.

Когда Шэннон Ли Маннион стал художником четыре года назад, она не должна удивляться, что она делает. Как бывший журналист, она использует отказаться QWERTY клавиатурой компьютера, так как ее собирать, следовательно, имя Quirky Б поп-арт для этого тысячелетия. Шэннон Ли, по сути брак формы и функции значение и смысл, результатом которого является, ну, причудливый.

Оттава правительства города, который поднимается и опускается с выхода тысячи клавиатур.

Wenn Shannon Lee fallschirm selbst in die Kunst vor vier Jahren, sie konnte es mir nicht die Frage, was sie tat. Als ehemalige Journalistin und sie nutzt ausrangierte computer QWERTZ-Tastaturen, wie sie in ihrem werben daher auch der name Schrullig B's, die Pop Art für dieses Jahrtausend. Shannon Lee ist im wesentlichen, Warholled Warhol durch heirat Form und Funktion mit bedeutung und implikation, die zur Folge hat, ist es gut, skurril. Ottawa ist ein von der Regierung Stadt und wir steigen und fallen von den output von tausenden von Tastaturen jeden tag.