Thursday, 22 March 2012

On a Horizontal Plane

There was a special on 8" x 10" photos today and I thought that this would be a good opportunity to take some  for my portfolio. I made 30 but had to get half of them redone as there was too much blue in the background. What's here will give you an idea of the clarity and also, the difficulty in working with horizontal keyboards which don't fill the space. 

Some should probably be photographed obliquely.


My apologies for missing the midnight deadline this eve. Patrick and I went on a poster-putting-up blitz and I just got home half an hour ago, roughly 20 minutes too late.

I forgot my camera this eve so do not have any photos of our astounding results as we papered the city poles in Quit Your Job posters. Hundreds of posters had been put up on the weekend so it was finishing touches this evening, and in some cases, posting over ridiculous adverts for Finding your True Path, Learning Zoomba and Permanent Hair Removal. Lots of Yoga ads, too. An alien stopping by earth would think that we are hedonistic sybarites, completely self-centred and just interested in  how we look.