Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Great News! Women are Buying Art!

From the Painter's Keys, Robert Genn writes about who, in his experience, is buying art. I'm skipping his introduction but you can read the entire article by clicking on the URL below.
Recent studies are showing a sea change in earning power and discretionary spending. In the USA, among couples where both partners work, 40% of the women now earn more than the men. The stats on university attendance are also telling. Sixty percent of students enrolled in higher education are now women. If present trends continue, in twenty-five years women will outnumber men in medicine and law. Physics, engineering and professorships will not be far behind.

And what particular art are these rich gals buying? In my observation, they're not so much interested in the game, name or fame. In the last few years I've not heard one single active female art buyer utter the word "investment." They're more interested in connection, shared experience, life enhancement, tailored quality, nest-and-nurture, soul-polishing, and yes, d├ęcor and colour-coordination. Funnily, while women do more measuring than men, big size is not so important. I would be really interested in what gallery owners have to say about this, but women seem often to be making art decisions based on lofty ideals, genuine emotions and high sensibilities. Is it that women have better values than men? More imagination? Better taste? More sense? Or is it just less testosterone?

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