Saturday, 17 March 2012

Steel Background

Steel plates form the background, the kind you can shake and make the sound of thunder. Was working with a flash this eve but tomorrow, when I take photos in natural light outside, the results will be more even.

Am including the mask to show the detail that the camera picks up. I have very few special effect settings on my computer but I do have spotlight, which I used for the mask and below, I experimented using the cartoon and colouring book effects.
Photographed right-side up.

Cartoon effect.
Photographed upside-down.

Colouring book effect.
What is interesting if you look at the photo taken rightside-up, that is, with the keyboard facing normally as it would, the lettering is hidden.

However, if one turns the keyboard upside down and photographs it from above, the lettering is perfectly legible.

You can certainly notice this in the colouring book one.

Что интересно, если вы посмотрите на снимок, сделанный rightside вверх, то есть, с клавиатуры перед обычно как бы, слово, СОПЕРНИКИ, является скрытой. Однако если один превращает клавиатурой вниз головой и фотографии сверху, надписи идеально разборчивыми.

Was ist interessant, wenn Sie mit der rechten Seite nach oben auf das Foto gemacht, das ist mit der Tastatur nach der Regel, wie es aussehen würde, wie ist das verborgene Wort Konkurrent. Allerdings, wenn Sie drehen Sie die Tastatur auf den Kopf und fotografierte sie von oben, perfekt lesbar.