Friday, 6 April 2012

Twelve Hours Left

Fridge Magnets, what fun!
All art must be at La Petite Mort Saturday at noon. The van is partially loaded and I'm good for boards. Should be enough, I think, what with the SCULZ and fridge magnets.

Almost filled a steel plate with them so things are going well and I'll make another hundred tomorrow before leaving for the gallery shortly after 6:00 pm. I have two more steel plates I can fill if I need to.

Several boards that were in the throes of being completed, a couple not even started, will be seen for the first time. Some were just keyboards with some paint and a few things piled on them,, maybe a baggie with stuff in it attached but nothing battened down.

And at long last, The Key Board, is done. The idea was always there but there were never enough keys or there were not enough hooks or the drill needed a smaller or a larger bit, until today when it all came together.

The Key Board

Detail from The Key Board

The Keys to Happiness

Plenty of Fish

Pretty in Pink