Thursday, 19 April 2012

When Repairs are Needed

 The board below was made two years ago for a particular show that was taking place in the village of Carp, just outside of Ottawa.  There was a contest to see who could present a piece of art that represented the village. Creating something to do with a fish was what most of us thought.

Original board.
While I am reluctant to use food in the creation art, not when food is scarce to so many people, which mitigates gainst using it for decoration,  I did fashion a carp-like fish using Goldfish crackers. They are light and colourful and they glued onto the plastic keys of the keyboard very well.

A good, inedible likeness.
However, as they say in the big leagues about the best laid plans, they're never perfect. And so it turns out to be.

A friend liked the board so well, and it wasn't as if I was going to be in any more fish/art contests, so I gave it to her last summer.

Today, she called and said that Hannah, her golden retriever, had discovered the board and had eaten the Goldfish crackers from the board leaving it bald.

Traumatic, to say the least.

So today, another friend and I sat down and we made goldfish replicas out of inedible modelling clay.

Try and eat these, you dog!

Fish or not, You You the Adorable, is smart enough to not eat them.