Sunday, 20 May 2012

Holiday Sunday

So I took a holiday from creating art. Still worked at creation. Planted flowers, etc.
I hope to paint the frame of the privacy screen thing tomorrow, to which I'll be appending the naked doll photos. I doubt if any one will have art such as this at the gallery next month. However, someone did ask me last evening if I'd made the mousetrap catching mice, computer mice, that is, that is on display at the gallery currently. Ah ha! The electronic art trend is catching on.

Addendum:  There is an art festival in the fall called Nuit Blanche. I applied and so did the gallery and we both were accepted. Word is that they might accept everyone for it is a "more the merrier" sort of thing.

This, from an article in the Ottawa Citizen:

 The theme of the inaugural Nuit Blanche in Ottawa will be Life is Beautiful, or La Vie est Belle, as chosen by curator Stefan St. Laurent. It’ll be the theme that must be reflected in the installations that artists create for the one-night event, to be held Sept. 22.

Apparently, the above-mentioned curator has resigned.