Sunday, 20 May 2012

This is Last Night's Blog!

New works in black and white by a new artist.
The monthly Art Party, this one called, Shine Your Soul, was at Patrick John Mills Gallery last eve and I was on the upstairs level in the kitchen ladling chili and pasta to hungry, happy revelers. Food service went to 1:00 am.

In calm moments, I had a chance to appreciate some of the art in the upstairs gallery, most of it new.

Next Art Party, Let's Get Naked, is June 16/12. Might start earlier than 7:00pm as the neighbours were not pleased with the drumming circle that extended to midnight and beyond. 

The lineup for the upstairs washroom.
Sure looks like a Tic Toc Tom.
Multi-media by Joa Keur.
Sculpture by Cairn Cunnane and multi-media on the wall by Joe Pacheco.

One of the bands playing in the main room.