Monday, 28 May 2012

Photos for Next Art Show are Ready

Better definition in the right-hand photo from today.
Note detail in the skirt.
Well, most are ready. I spent today retaking 40 photos and then the rest of the day at the photo lab. Unfamiliarity with the machines lead to much frustration but finally, I produced 48 photos, some 8 x 10, some 8 x 8. Not all were for the upcoming show at the gallery. Some were to complete my portfolio and others, of a birthday party yesterday and a few other things I wanted to remember.

I am short 14 for the piece for Naked Naked but will get photocopies made of the more attractive photos.

The blacks are blacker.
Sporty-casual pose.
Bit of glam here.
Ah, motherhood.

           Did some interesting poses today. Nothing risque. Not needed for this piece.
           It's going to be shocking enough as it is.