Sunday, 3 February 2013

Where Are We Going With This?

I know, WTF. 

It's just that there's a deadline looming and, here comes a secret confession, I am a biker chick and this is the bike (at least, a similar one) I am writing about, a 1929 Henderson KJ 1300cc. And I just got a million more hits than what I usually get. For "biker chick" or "Henderson" I'll never know.

The photo is from the Internet and I hope the person who took it is OK with me borrowing it. Such a lovely motorcycle! You'd think I have a photo of the one I am writing about but it's a long story...and one that I need to continue doing. 

Perhaps I can give you a heads-up here as to why this story is unusual, to say the least.

It's about a middle-aged man from Canada who two years ago, when the first coast-to-coast Motorcycle Cannonball Endurance Run took place, went to see the early-model bikes off and after following them for awhile, said to himself, "Why aren't I doing this."

Two years later, from September 7 - 23, he left upper New York state on his overhauled 1929
Henderson KJ, pretty well the same bike above only burgundy, same bouncy little saddle seat, and he and 70 other vintage motorcycle riders crossed eleven states, averaging 300 miles each day, arriving in San Francisco pretty well 4,000 miles later.

Talk about man and motorcycle.

I'll let you know when the rest of this comes out. I know that this isn't about art but didn't I rename the blog, Art of the Keyboard and More. This could be an example of more. Not quite so lame as the camel dressage YouTube thing I posted one eve last month.

Maybe I'll publish more tomorrow eve. Stay tuned. You never know what you're going to get.