Sunday, 10 June 2012

Shaking Things Up

We are lovers of habit. We rise at the same time each day, make the same cup of tea or coffee, feed our kids and pets.

Being part of a gallery is habitual, as well. There are new shows, one after the other, sometimes monthly or bimonthly, other times, once a year. Things get mixed around and as artists, our work is moved around: showcased in the front window sometimes, sometimes front and centre in the best-lit spot, other times, tucked away. Sometimes, one misses a month or two but the memory remains. People come and say, Oh, that's where such-and-such was last month. They see and they know.

I am mystified and saddened to hear today that one of our long-standing artists at Patrick John Mills Gallery is removing his work tomorrow; essentially, he is taking his toys and going home.

This is at once astounding and shocking. As artists, we are honoured and thrilled to be accepted as "house artists" if you will, grateful to be given wall space month after month...with hiatuses determined either by the gallery owner or artists themselves.

There will be gaping spaces on the gallery walls by noon tomorrow and the gallery bog has been decimated by the artist removing his posts made over the past six months. The gallery newsletter is now defunct as he managed this.

All we can say is, We wish you well, Mathieu.