Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Done Any Art Lately?

Earlier in the day, a friend asked if I'd done any art today. Made me think. Yes, I've been considering several art projects, some applied art and others, well, what does one call writing a play? Is it art or is it artifice? It's called, The Three Year Deal. Maybe it's a gamble. Maybe a gambol.

Meanwhile, art has been rearranged on the walls chez moi. The upper board, The Contenders, has been up for awhile, along with the middle one, The Guten Board. The others are new.

I think I'll call the second from the top, Pierce My Heart and the orange board has been known as the Klimt Board and Orange on Orange and there was something else someone called it. The Dental Board anchors this display, book-ended on one side by Bored of Authority.