Thursday, 4 October 2012

Upcoming, Something Exciting

On November 2/12, a Friday evening, there will be two significant things happening at a local coffee house, Michel-Ange. This is a small, out-of-the-way spot in a low-key industrial park located at 35 Laurel St., one of the sides of a block bounded by Gladstone, Loretta and Breezehill. It's almost impossible to find and there's no number 35, just a 35A on an ajoining storefront.

Driftin Doug Smith and Jerry Golland (he of  Tower of Song) will be playing from 8:00 pm until roughly 11:00 pm and two artists will have their work on the walls of this coffee-brewing establishment, including yours truly.

I am providing a bit of a preview of the other artist who shall go by the name of Steve. He does high realism, as you can no doubt see.

I was unable to do any editing on these photos taken at Michel-Ange yesterday as my computer is wonky at present and it is all I can do to post to the blog. I have no access to email. Que lastima!