Saturday, 17 November 2012

Ace of Spades

The bad boy of the card deck.

Missed writing last eve's web log as my new tower let the O/S evaporate or whatever happens when an operating system simply disappears.

I found a gold-coloured charm with the Ace of  Spades on it but am unable to photograph it and get it on the old Dell tower. I wanted to do some follow-up on the play, The Three Year Deal. And could this be why I stopped using the Dell? It wasn't working? Thank heavens for gmail is all I can say.

Baby Trend Expedition Swivel Jogger - Sonic - Baby Trend - Babies"R"UsHere is a photo from the Internet of a jogging stroller similar to the one I purloined while on a walk the other evening. I have posted flyers in the area where I found the stroller but noticed this eve that someone has torn them down. I'll re-do them. The stroller was on the sidewalk at 11:00 pm not near any houses, in fact, it was in front of a doctor's building which, of course, at that hour had no one in it.

Still I would not like to think that I've taken someone's fave jogging stroller. One of the interesting things about this item is that all three tires were flat when I found it and yet there isn't a mark on it, except for a splash of orange paint on one of the tires. Otherwise, the stroller appears to be brand new. It is very light and responsive and the handle can be adjusted.
I like walking quickly at night when I'm out for a walk and having something in front
of me makes me feel more secure. Uneven pavement has been the bane of my evening
constitutionals before.

I found another stroller a few months ago, a tandem one meant for two children, one riding in front of the other. This was a little more iffy as the conveyance was in front of a daycare. However, it was at the sidewalk in the middle of the night and it was in awful shape, as if it'd been left out under deciduous trees for months. Thus, it was covered in dust, leaves and small branches. And it was a bear to push.

More on strollers later.