Thursday, 15 November 2012

Lost and Found - City Streets

On my evening constitutional, I discovered a Sweet Caporal sign forming part of a front porch. It's unusual to see a Sweet Cap sign as it's an old-fashioned brand and I have never known anyone who actually smoked them. This, from an Internet sight: sweet Caporal was one of the oldest names in cigarette brands, having been sold in the Canadian market for at least 125 years until they were discontinued in 2011. The brand was originally produced in the United States by the Kinney Bros. Tobacco Company, New York, beginning in 1878, and became very popular. Kinney Bros., which was merged into the pre-1911 giant American Tobacco Company, expanded into Montréal; the Sweet Caporal trade mark was registered in Canada in 1887.

Some people are so creative in their carving.

I didn't take anything but I left a STOP Harper button.

A couple evenings ago, I happened upon an unattended stroller on a sidewalk in a non-residential block of a busy one-way street. It was late at night and when no one came to get it, I pushed it home. Not wanting to be a stroller thief, I have posted Found Stroller signs along the block where I found it. I'd hate to lose this little gem! It's fabulous for walking being light and manoeuvrable.