Monday, 5 November 2012

It's Your Deal and It Lasted Three Years

Hence the title of the play, The Three Year Deal.

The hand has been dealt.

Good-natured, faithful. A trusted woman. Mother figure.
The play's the thing wherein I'll catch the conscience of a king. (Hamlet Act. 2, Sc. ii)

Misfortune and loss. A difficult ending

The impetuous king.

Remains to be seen who stays or becomes the Joker.
 Stands for a fresh start.

Multiply by four and it's crazy eights all the way.

At sixes and sevens.

 A youg man who is hostile and jealous.
 Someone who is a taker, never a giver. A knave.

The laughing boy. Dishonest and unreliable.

A vintage deck of cards. Only the Jack of Spades
 has been damaged as you can see above.
The Black Lady. Associated with cruelty and someone
who uses people, especially men, for her own gain.