Sunday, 4 November 2012

Play Writing 101

Several pages feverishly written at 4:00 am.
Correct stage directions.

Stage directions are wrong here...the learning curve.

With the advent of cooler weather, painting outside and creating Quirky B's and other art projects is heading indoors. Along with this indoor work is also a long-anticipated bid to write a play, numero uno.

Clocks turned back last evening so who was tired? Certainly not moi as pen was put to paper and several scenes of a working-titled-play, The Three Year Deal, got recorded on foolscap.The title refers to an ill-fated, unrequited relationship that was on-again, off-again but clearly dead-in-the-water now.

Play-writing coach is coming over to offer her input. Lo, so many ideas to put on paper. No drama yet but surely, lots to come.
From the play. It's all dialogue.
You ever wondered about the rough work? There is endless fascination with how books. poems, plays, come to be written. Not simply the format but what went on in the writer's mind? How did they get it all down? Usually, the snippets we see are akin to what is above. Illegible text with cross-outs and words so hastily written, they are replete with mistakes. We see this with James Joyce. Much of his work was apparently stream-of-consciousness and it's only been over the past couple years that it has been determined that much of what we thought was writerly genius were typos.

Looking at the script above, no one will question why typing should be de rigueur for writers.