Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Seen on the Main Drag This Eve

I think someone thought that these would be good for people to attach their bicycles to only just a few bikes can be accommodated because most chains don't have that much slack. Quite decorative though.

While admiring this cut-out-in-metal, I also noted some not-so-pleasant items in a nearby store window.
I'll only show one in detail, the least graphic one, but an entire store window given over to a public display of hard core BDSM porn is not up to most people's community standards. City Hall is well-aware of ongoing problematic displays but will do nothing about it. They say it's not up to them. I say back to them, Is this what love looks like?

Small models/dolls are just the
 thing to catch a child's eye.
There are five others scenarios...but showing penetration and
oral sex and bondage & discipline. There is a copy of Fifty
Shades of Grey as a backdrop.