Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Reward for Missing Van

The poster that will offer a $100 reward for information leading to the location of my stolen van hasn't been produced yet.

Today, 30-some flyers, same as yesterday's, informing people about the high occurrence of theft in Ottawa were put up on telephone poles around Ottawa Centretown. Just a few left which will get put up tomorrow on my way to deliver the Chief of Police a letter outlining my concerns about lawlessness and general disrespect that has overtaken our city. I'll make up a REWARD flyer tomorrow and put it up on Friday or the weekend, whenever it does not call for rain. We're getting snow tomorrow and this is OK.

I wrote a lengthy letter to a reporter with the Ottawa Citizen who writes about community issues encouraging her to look into what is going on vis-a-vis crime. The police published their crime trend report a few months ago. Very revealing.
You can choose a ward and click on it directly to see what's been going on. You can click on other wards and compare with them. Robbery in Centretown is up. No surprise there.

In the meantime, Kevin Bacon starred in a 1990 movie by the name of Hollow Man. My trusty point and shoot Kodak took this good rendition of my computer screen. It's all about focus and not using a flash.