Saturday, 13 April 2013

Guitar Case Decor

Got started first thing this morn and have one side done. Might get a bit of the other side started and then completed by tomorrow. I would like to use the case to carry some small guitars I picked up today which will first be used to create music and then used in an art project. 

I am in a craze to acquire as many guitars as I can, cases, too. I accept this. One of my last crazes was antique vehicles. I knew I was in trouble when I had the keys to seven. Each one was my favourite, of course. So I accept this new craze with equanimity.

Meanwhile, here is a better indication of the size of the guitar case that got decorated today. The bottom one is for a narrow body Yamaha so it's not the height but the girth and length that is quite different. 

I think people can likely say that they, too, could spend a couple days squirting paint and such onto a guitar case, or whatever, for that matter.

And yes, you can...if  you have a patient cat named Harvey to supervise and have amassed a wide selection of art supplies and you can locate a cheap enough guitar case that you want to do this to.

And when thinking about painting an actual guitar, start gulping now.