Saturday, 27 April 2013

The Williamstown Etchings

Ready they are for delivery to St. Andrews United Church in Williamstown, ON in the morning.

The service starts at 9:30 and should go for about an hour at which time the etchings will be presented to Rev. Andrea Harrison and her congregation.

You will recall that these prints, dated 1972, were found in a box along the side of a downtown Ottawa street in early March.

Some work was required to get them into shape.
One of the frames had two corners gnawed away and the other was improperly mounted.
Whomever did the matting had inverted the mat and the print did not fit properly. There was more
than in inch left at the bottom so that the two
prints did not match.

I carefully separated the print from the mat, turned around the mat and re-taped everything. Depending on where the church hangs these, they may want to change the frames although I like the white mat with the narrow wooden black frames.
Stay tuned for more of this story and photos of the presentation.

I read something this evening in an obituary where the deceased was fond of saying, "Do good. Be good."

Repatriating the etchings, with the blessing of the artist, Charles Robin Wall, is a good thing to do, I think.