Sunday, 26 May 2013

Work is Setting me Free!

Four full bins across the rear wall of the main room.
 But it's one huge Dear Me! Ten plastic bins have so far been incorporated into my two room apartment that doubles as an art studio. Most are filled but there is space in some and two are either empty or partially empty. They, of course, will soon be filled with art supplies.

Then comes the tedious job of going through each bin and sorting what goes with what. And then labelling.

It may not look it but tremendous headway has been made since two weeks ago when reorg began.

Empty...for now.
These lads look happy that something is finally
being done to put things in order. 
There are three bins on the sun porch which will hold paper
cloth and ribbon, items that are not affected by heat or chill.

Discovered this guitar back and will use it
as a prototype for an idea that will incorporate
large beads and back-lighting.
Two of four embellished guitar cases. Will resume work on
the fifth that was started last week.