Saturday, 22 February 2014

Cute Cat Photos

The question to be answered here is why didn't the red eye tool work on the white kitten wrapped in his new blanket? Perhaps it was too large an area to zap. 

Not how the cats love the new couch! They've hardly budged from it since it came into the house. 

Meanwhile, three typewriters were added to a burgeoning collection over the past couple of days. When I pined for an IBM Selectric, I didn't know that there would be so many available. 
There are two in the van awaiting unloading and a standard Royal from the fifties joined the fray today. 

This is the machine that revolutionised typing. Launched in 1961, for more than 25 years, this was the typewriter most often found on office desks. With the onset of the daisy wheel, the Selectric was retired in 1986.  The daisy wheel was also called a print wheel. 

What made the difference in the IBM machines was the interchangeable "golf ball" which rotated in place unlike the basket of keys of earlier typewriters which were prone to jamming. Plus these golf balls came in various fonts and had characters for different languages which was a boon and unlike other machines where there may have been keys that covered letters found in other languages but that typewriter was good then, for that specific language. This assumes Arabic letters, of course.