Saturday, 22 February 2014

Ready to Pitch Again

Well, it's not as if someone's putting a gun to my head. They didn't have to to get me involved in the event last week where I pitched my idea for a one-act play done in rhyming couplets that is about the wife of the children's book writer/illustrator, Theodor "Dr. Seuss" Geisel. Helen Palmer Geisel was a collaborator for nearly 40 years when she, frail and ill, she was summarily dumped by Geisel when he left her for a younger woman. Her despair was so great that she killed herself. 

The Wednesday evening Pitch Party held at the Great Canadian Theatre Company building on Wellington St. W. in Ottawa, was well-organized and well-attended…by the people who came to pitch their ideas. It was a bit sparse on the side of producers, directors and dramaturges, those who might have availed themselves of the offers of people who were pitching. 

Thus, when an email came from the organizer asking for our wish lists, it's not a gun but it is an invitation to get our messages out to a wider audience. Here's a bit of what the email said: 

….had a request from a member of the media as well as from an Artistic Director who was not able to attend, for a summary of your wish lists - what you are/were hoping to find from your pitches (actors, props, directors, playwrights, big wads of cash, etc.) so that they can put this out to a greater audience.  If you would be so kind as to send me your lists in a point form format, along with your project title or company….

 Ah, a project for tomorrow.