Thursday, 27 May 2010

My suite of Mental Health Boards are coming along. The next to be finalized will be the Multiple-Personality Board, also, known as the Dissociative Identity Disorder Board. Despite Hollywood to the contrary, what with several movies over the past 50 years that have featured this disorder, namely Joanne Woodward playing Eve in The Three Faces of Eve (1957), Sally Fields playing Sybil in Sybil (1976) and the as yet to be released, Halle Berry film, Frankie and Alice (2010), intriguing as it is, multiple-personality disorder is rare.

I am considering how best to demonstrate, interpret even, the ailment. Dolls are one way but I am still considering the most perceptive.

Please come back later and perhaps I'll have it figured out. Does the child become the man, or in this case, the woman? How much of this is tied up with the nature vs nurture discussion?

It's an interesting conversation, to say the least. 

 Thank-you for stopping by.  Shannon Lee