Sunday, 23 February 2014

Pink Cars and Ceiling Fans

This car is the most amazing shade of pink. I can't recall where I took the photo, December 6 of an unknown year, but just know that the people who created it had one helluva sense of humour. They painted pretty well everything pink except the windows, rubber on the tires and the lights.

It's the propeller and tail fins that are amusing, plus the wings, of course. Funny to put wings on the top. This car would have made a fabulous helicopter. The creator just couldn't get it together for that. And, of course, it would have been more of a problem driven it if it had blades on top.

Great news on the ceiling fan. One, it's clean. Two, the light works now.
I think when I was trying what I've assumed for years is a bad socket and
the three blades started to turn (oops) with the chains thrown over one of
two of them to hold the assembly in place while I was removing and replacing
the blades, I think it scared the electrics into surrendering and going back to