Saturday, 29 June 2013

Signs Redux

Just when you thought I'd, uh, signed-off, up popped an idea for another sign. This one will be in a frame and will be portable. It I really get going, it may be free-standing.

                                                NEPTUNES MUSIC WORKSHOPS

 (Note: This city of a million people is still out of the letters E and O. I forgot to get a fourth S.)

I am taking guitar lessons with Dawn Whitely and Joe Reynolds at their studio in Britannia in the west end of Ottawa. Much of their lessons are directed at children but teaching adults is something they
want to do more of.

If you have children who would like to play guitar or percussion, or perhaps they have a yen to sing, this is the place for them. Or if you would like to improve your knowledge of music, theory or playing, perhaps song-writing, this too is the place for you.

Results from music workshops can be seen at

The light, bright, colourful studio doubles as a recording studio. Time can be booked by
calling 613  828-3880  or by emailing