Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Creating a Feathered Edge

I have grown tired of waiting to find a small compressor so that I can use the air brush I bought a month ago and this evening, I masked the decoupaged guitar case and used a black acrylic spray bomb to see if I could achieve the effect I want.

I didn't want to spray over the stitching so masked right to the edge of where the newspaper starts. I used current day newspaper to mask the clippings which are from 1951.

I've only tried a few feet and only on one side. It's kind of the effect I want and will do the rest of the case tomorrow. With multiple coats of shellac to give depth to the clippings, it should come out well.

This will complete the sixth case and I shall be on to the next shortly. I may try a soft case and see how fabric paint looks on it and if it will stay. People own cases for years if not decades and durability is essential.