Monday, 29 July 2013

Experimenting with Acrylic Top-Coat

Hard to tell from these photos but I applied a two-part acrylic coating to the surface of the guitar today. Bit messy. Drips down the side which were not easy to deal with. Drying now.

I am surprised at the good coverage, however, of this expensive coating. I should be able to cover a guitar case, no probs, but I shall pay more attention to the edges. The instructions did say that one could wax where one would presumably want to remove overspill and splatters.

I think doing the edges first and letting dry for a couple of house, to create a solid moat so that nothing drips over, might be the ticket. This substance blends into itself dry or not. One of its saving graces.

This is from later in the day, probably ten hours later. The coating has finally set but it is not entirely dry. It's old stock I'm using and I think this affects its drying time. Usually within two hours, it is almost dry.

Tomorrow, I try to clear up the drips on the sides or I coat the sides with the same substance or I paint them or something. Pretty messy at present.

This top-coat intensifies the colours and any glitter or sparkle is not diminished. Great stuff!