Monday, 22 July 2013

Subject Matter: ART

A new project. Actually a continuation and elaboration on an earlier idea.

I want to create a mobile using plywood guitar shapes that will have marbles held in drilled holes so that when the sun shines or a car headlights catch them, they will glow.

The plan is to create a mobile using dowels and eight to ten hanging guitars.
Put up a new item in the Bed/Sit this eve. It's a poster that has been in my possession for more than three decades, given to me by a friend who'd just returned from France. Odd this, because the poster is of an art show that was in Columbia, South America.

I have had this poster rolled but not in a tube. Thus, it has suffered the effects of age and is entirely crinkled; I ironed it to remove the large creases but the crinkles did not go away.

The aged effect enhances the poster, I think.
Once again, the camera did not know where to focus. The edge of the chair is in focus but the guitars cases, not so much.