Sunday, 4 August 2013

Guitar Cases = Grist for the Mill

Very pleased and grateful to be given three venerable guitar cases, including the smaller one with a blue interior I posted earlier. These cases have been provided by my neighbourhood guitar shop on Gladstone Ave. in Ottawa, Spaceman

I would have shown these yesterday but my camera went missing. I am back in business thanks to Used Ottawa and Kijiji. I use Kodak digital cameras and since the company wound down their digital camera offerings last year, I am fortunate to find used cameras from time to time. Such was the emergency brought about yesterday, it was my pleasure to drive hither and thither this afternoon to pick up two older cameras. One is from 2004, I think, and has some wonderful features including a view finder and a dial to dial-in which app one wants.

Similar  size and shape to the decoupage case.

Fabulous leather detail.

Some discolouration. Mildew, perhaps.

This case is in great shape.

Label in one of the cases. Could refer
to a Czech company that specializes
in artificial stone or is Swedish for
masterful or commanding.
Red interior needs work on this case.