Sunday, 1 September 2013

Heading Towards the Finish Line

One of the good things about the Internet is that pretty well anything one wants to know or needs to know, it's there. So when I thought I'd still like to incorporate feathers into my rooster art, I asked Google, "How do I curl feathers?" I need some longer ones and some in green. 

Guitar cases drying in the sun.

I like the monochromatic photo below of an old beige guitar case leaning up against a concrete foundation. I thought I could get some of the yellow cast washed away but I ended up washing away some of the covering over the cardboard. I have two of these cases and I'm certain that there will be something extraordinary to do
with them.

Meanwhile, the experiment which started last evening with the laminate turned out all right as per the photo at the top. I like the way it intensifies the colour of the gouache and also the construction paper.

Below is a strange perspective of the mullioned window frame I want to use for the rooster prints. Literally, these are foot prints with a wattle, beak and eye added. I plan to paint the frame black and in keeping with pop art, use the coloured construction paper and playing up whimsy, apply the foot print directly to the paper. Might try a hand print, too.

This is the baking sheet I am using and 
it appears that it's its own art piece.