Thursday, 3 October 2013

A Non-Starter for Case Interiors

Was so thrilled with finding spray fabric glitter yesterday and was excited to practice today. My excitement may have been misconstrued.

Whereas a former bottle of the spray glitter, when applied with a brush worked find, the spray option does not work. I can brush the rest of it on the inside as far as it goes but already half a bottle has been expended so it's won't go far. And it's  not worth it to buy another bottle. Coverage just isn't good enough.

The other thing today was to smooth out the surface of the case that is going to be decoupaged. A trick I learned is to put down wax paper before applying weight. The weights don't stick.

And as before, those aren't ice cubes, they're heavy squares of glass.

For something not so exciting, I found a bottle labeled "Glass Beads" and am experimenting with glues to see what sticks them best while allowing the sparkle to come through. I think I have used too many beads and will have to be less heavy-handed when it comes time for the actual project.

Like watching paint dry.