Tuesday, 1 October 2013

New Decoupage Guitar Case

Decided to create another decoupage case in colour. This one features photos of musicians and singers. Most of the pictures are from a People Magazine from 1992. That month, they were doing a retrospective on singers and bands from the fifties to the nineties.

I am uncertain if I will do the entire case or if I'll paint the sides or what.

This case is in good condition. The clasps all work and the inside is fairly good. Still a bit musty. More sun will help this.

Another different thing about this case is that the photos are aligned more to the side rather than being placed from the top down. In this way, if it is sitting on its side, as most guitar cases are placed, the faces will be viewable.

Below is a detail shot of the body of the case. The car tire is not
going on; I must've flipped the clipping when I was doing the layout.

The Audrey Guitarabesque is mostly ready. Another layer of epoxy today has made the disc of Marilyn like glass. The insides still need more gold spray paint and then done.

This guitar case, along with art from two other artists living in the neighbourhood, were submitted to the Ottawa Hospice Charity Sale and confirmation was received that, indeed, the jpegs had arrived.