Saturday, 30 November 2013

Friday's Post, a Day Late

The Lero is complete. Lettering is more visible and with a coating of sealant, not permeable to water, a problem which could be met seeing as how this guitar resides in the bathroom. Makes a great toilet paper holder.

Thing is, some poor crazy Lero-collecting guy will some day, want to scrape the letters from the body and try to revive this instrument.

I would say, uh, good luck on that one, Buddy.

Made this leather oval of two faces in a swirl of
wind look better by cleaning the leather with
special leather cleaner and then polishing it.
Ready for hanging…if only I had a wall to hang it on.
This is yesterday's post a day late as my phone service and hence Internet, took a powder for a couple days. If possible, turns out that the garbage pail affixed with bungie cords to the various hanging wires by my back door, affixed there so that the raccoons do not get into it (a bouncing target is harder for them to attack) had loosened one of the wires inside, the "hot" wire. Looked to me that there wasn't enough hot wire wrapped around the conductor but who am I to know. Back on track now.