Sunday, 17 November 2013

A Photographic Challenge

It is a challenge to shoot actors, musicians and dancers in available light. Using a flash is not an option, usually.

At this evening's first PAL (Performing Arts Lodge) anniversary held at Glebe St. James Church on Lyon Street, the lighting was particularly challenging. There was a spot light from once side, a string of LED Christmas lights and an old PLANO-CONVEX (or PC) spotlight on the floor. I used to refer to these lights as a barn doors. I have no idea where I got that name from but it seems to fit. 

In other words, powerful key lighting directed at the centre of a stage which was a living room size carpet upon which people stood or sat. In the case of the children differs, a few in the middle were lit and the others, pretty well in the shadows, at least, when it came time to photographing the group. 

This sort of lighting, from the floor up, gives a ghastly appearance to most faces. Not optimal, to say the least. However, of over 100 photos taken, half are usable and a few, remarkable. I do not use Photoshop so these shots are as taken with a 10 megapixel Kodak point and shoot.