Friday, 20 December 2013

A Guitar Gift

Shaped like a guitar, at least. Decided with Christmas imminent and the season for "buying music" for children and others, the gift I wanted to have ready for Spaceman Music had better manifest itself sooner than later.

I revamped this Shadow Guitar today by taping the lights over the glass pieces and then delivered it to Spaceman about an hour before closing this evening. I had them lower the lights and I'd brought an extension cord to go with the piece so I was able to pull it out of the bag, so to speak. dazzlingly lit.

I think they loved it. Hung it up…with the front facing inside which is good while the back, with all the tape and wiring, faced the street…and looked fabulous, as evinced below.

Interestingly, the lineup of ukuleles must be working for the store as ukes are the fastest moving item at this time of the year. Easy to wrap, easy to play. And a multitude of colours to choose from. I have a green one, for instance…with a pineapple on it. Just need a lei to complete the look.

It's the only Christmas decoration in the store.

Ya gotta advertise and if the other side of the street
is bereft of guitars and your store has hundreds, well….