Friday, 6 December 2013

Safe City Streets

Some things defy logic.

Three policemen on bicycles stop a late-model sedan right at one of the most busy intersections in Ottawa at rush-hour. This essentially closed one lane and had the potential to slow traffic for miles. Now, it could very well be that the car was disabled but no blinkers and surely if it were, the three beefy people peddling their buts around town could have redirected traffic for a moment while the vehicle was pushed into a vacant lot.

Along the way, I saw a single earring left on a ledge for the owner to find. Thank-you, whomever did this. Could be a fave jewelry item lost forever in the snow and ice had a conscientious person not cared to stoop, pick it up and place it safely on the ledge.

On another city street, there was a small cache of pennies scattered along the side of a Bank of Nova Scotia in downtown Ottawa.

Did a teller cavalierly toss a handful out the window when we discontinued the penny as currency earlier in the year? Is money so cheap that pennies, that add up to a nickel, a dime or a quarter, if one has enough of them, are now so much dross?

I walked by but then stopped. Someone had whispered in my ear, Penny for your thoughts?  My thoughts at that point were, Find a penny, pick it up, All the day you'll have good luck.
Superstitious, probably, but do you really want to take the chance?

And I guess if you're a penny, you don't have to worry about getting picked up on an Ottawa street.

However, I did know someone who kept a handful of pennies in their pants pocket. Every once in awhile, they would drop one or two on the sidewalk or path. It was like sowing good luck, they explained.