Thursday, 12 December 2013

Selfie Indulgent

Despite what people around the world are saying
about selfies being banal, childish and just plain
boring, I think all this does is it opens the door for
more interesting selfies. The selfless selfies.

For those who are not in the know, going with the flow, just over a week ago, a good look in the mirror convinced me that it was time to get rid of the double-tats on my forehead, to whit, the Garboesque eyebrow tattoos that were meant to frame my face and give drama to my rather small, forlorn eyes.

I was going for this arched look
very thirties and Garbo.

This, they did.

And I liked the effect so much, when the first pair faded and started to look a bit shop-worn, I had them gone over by another tattoo artist. However, I never realized until now that the shop must've been out of brown ink as my brows are distinctly not brown but more a pallid shade of purple. On a good day, you might call it puce, or maybe that's on a bad day. You look and you decide.

Eyebrows can be a thing of beauty but not in my case. They never measured up and as chaos surrounded me and them, what with ill-fated forays to salons for waxing, colour and shaping, and run-ins with clerks at cosmetic counters were legion, I bit the bullet and spent several hours in a small room where an Asian cosmetician laboured over my face and gave me what she thought were, uh, me.
She wanted to tattoo permanent eyeliner at the same time but the pain was excruciating in the brow area; I had no desire to feel what an ink needle along my lash line would feel like? Not to mention how comfortable I might feel with the need a hair's width from my eyeball.

Brow arch was never pronounced.
Goodness, from this perspective, it looks as if
my eyebrows meet in the middle of my forehead. 
                                                                                Growing out one's eyebrows. How many people worldwide can say that this is an aspiration they are following?

I was a teenager at a rather chi chi party, one of only two teens present, and when the other girl asked one of her mother's friends, "We thought Tina would be here. What's she up to?" The mother replied, "Oh Tina's at home growing her hair out."

I thought I had never heard such a ridiculous statement and would never hear something as ludicrous again but here I am promulgating the self-same thing.